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A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a complex (and expensive) alternative for on-going businesses that:
  • Have A Chance for Survival If The Debt Can Be Reorganized
  • Have Assets That Are Significant In Value And Future Worth
  • Would Prefer To Avoid Liquidation
With a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company’s debt is restructured so current debt will be paid from future company earnings. If a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is filed, the company may request an adjustment to its debt. We may accomplish this by eliminating some of the debt or by requesting an extension of time for repayment of other debt.

There are a few things to be aware of with regard to a business Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is time-intensive and is considerably expensive (upfront retainers of $15,000 to $50,000 are not uncommon). Also, because of these reasons, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy may wear on the company due to the added stress.

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